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Re: DOD pedals?

2/25/2005 7:54 AM
MattRe: DOD pedals?
I used to play in a band with a Bass player that used a Milkbox sometimes and it helped even out the response (when that was what he wanted).  
I like slight compression and the ones I've messed with most are: DynaComp, Barber Tone Press, Keeley Compressor (ROSS clone), and the Analogman BiCompROSSer (Orange Squeezer and ROSS clone in one box). My favorite is (usually) the Keeley but the Analogman and the Tone Press are good too. DynaComps are pretty good too and my understanding is that the DynaComp and the old ROSS circuit are almost the same thing, just a few slight changes. The Orange Squeezer is a different animal and a one-trick pony IMO. It's cool trick but one that I find little use for. Allegedly, Knopfler used an OS on 'Sultans of Swing' which is a pretty good tone ;). They compress a LOT and you can't adjust that.  
A little compression goes a long way and IME, if your p'ups are anything hotter than a 'PAF' type humbucker (with guitar volume on '10'), all of the comps above will squash almost everything too much; even at the minimum compression setting (just my opinion, but the 'Blend' control on the Tone Press does NOT fix this problem).

Jerry Owen Thanks very much, Matt.I ha... -- 2/25/2005 8:12 AM