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Weird tuning problem

10/25/2004 8:41 PM
kluson guyWeird tuning problem
Here's a weird one. I have been gigging with a Squire Jagmaster electric guitar. It is a Jag shaped, short scale with a strat trem type bridge.  
At the end of a set, I tune her up using a Boss stage tuner. When I return for the next set I check the tuning and the low E string has gone sharp(noticably sharp)! Often some of the other strings need adjustment too. Also, during a set I find the low E has started to go sharp again. The room temperature is reasonably consistant. I assumed that the string was binding at the nut but when I took the guitar to a luthier today and they briefly checked the nut and thought it looked pretty good. The luthier is going to spend some time checking it out but wasn't offering a ready solution.  
The guitar has Fender locking tuners and I have clamped the trem hard to the body. I run 10-46 gauge strings and have graphite in the nut slots. (BTW I am not using a whammy bar in the setup.) I have tried using another tuner just in case the Boss pedal tuner is flakey and have found no difference in my findings. The guitar sounds great and the intonation is good. I do typical blues and R&B bends which on every other guitar I own eventually leads to strings going "flat". I have rarely had strings "go sharp" in all my years of playing. (Especially when they are just sitting on a stand on stage)  
This voodoo guitar is driving me nuts, I hope someone can offer a suggestion or solution...maybe it is the nut?  
There just doesn't seem to be very many parameters in this tuning equation. Thanks in advance.

Dwight Listmayer The nut can't effect the tuning whe... -- 11/5/2004 7:02 PM