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Re: 3 volumes strat mod...can it be?

8/20/2004 3:59 AM
Josh Pardes
Re: 3 volumes strat mod...can it be?
Hi Jayeff, I was reading your post and it is not hard at at all to wire each pickup with a volume, however it is not very practical either. Think about this: when the switch is in either notch position, you will have to tweak two volumes to get the tone you are looking for. Not only that, unless you use a bypass filter on each pot, your tone will get muddy when both volumes are turned down. Notice how when you turn the volume down on your guitar the highs are reduced as well. This is a lot more noticable in the notch position becasue the highs are already reduced due to the RWRP middle pickup (same phenomena with humbuckers). Old school strat wiring gives you a volume for neck and middle, plus a tone. If yours is still stock wiring, try turning your neck and middle volume halfway down and listen to how the definition disappears. Here is the best treble bypass filter that I have come across, and I have tried many.  
Yeah, it's Kinman, but he does have some useful info on his sight if you are patient enough to plow through his rantings and hype. Don't get me started on that topic :) Anyway, if you want to give it a shot, I can draw you up a diagram of a circuit with 3 volumes. Personally I think that wiring a master volume is the best way to go. It simplifies things to a great extent when you're on stage. I play a G&L and their circuit is master volume, treble roll-off, bass roll-off. I modded it a little with kinmans treble bypass filter and eliminated a ground loop that comes in the stock wiring. I could draw that schemo up for you too. Lastly, if you check out, they have a mod that gives you a master volume, middle pickup blend, and a standard treble roll-off. I wired up my buddy's strat with that one and it works very well.  
Now for the switching, sorry, that is not possible with a standard 5-way switch. I have seen 4 pole 5 way switches that have a seperate solder point for each position that would make this possible. A cheaper solution would be to get a dpdt or spdt on-off switch and wire it to turn on the bride pickup in any position. Then you would have 7 different positions. Select neck, then you have Neck + Bride just like a tele, select neck+middle, then you have all of them at once. Turn off the switch then your 5-way switch is back to stock. That is an easy mod. Here is a link to it:  
The only part of this schemo that is relevant is the dpdt switch and the two wires running from it.  
Hope this helps.