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Re: shielding a strat

6/29/2004 9:52 AM
Mark Hammer
Re: shielding a strat
If you can score a middle pickup with reverse magnetic polarity that would improve hum reduction immensely in positions 2 and 4.  
Alternatively, if you try my favourite little trick of swapping the hot leads from the middle and bridge pickups on the selector switch, you get 1-neck, 2-neck+bridge, 3-bridge, 4-bridge+middle, 5-middle. With that arrangement, it might be more helpful to have the RWRP pickup be the bridge pickup rather than the middle. That way, you'll have hum cancellation for the n+b and m+b positions.  
The copper tape fix will provide some noise reduction, but the fact will remain that with exposed poles all those electromagnetic sources around you (transformers, TVs, flourescent lights, etc.) will still find an easy route to your axe.