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Re: Wiring a reverse phase jumper cable

12/9/2005 1:10 PM
starfishRe: Wiring a reverse phase jumper cable
So basically, you maintain there's no way to do polarity reversal with say a hammond project box, some jacks, a DPDT toggle and two-signal shielded wire?  
I'm not accusing you of being wrong, but I received a suggestion from a well-known amp tech on how to make one. I'm going to keep his identity anonymous here because he said... "I asked you the time and you're telling me I need to build a watch," or something like that.  
So, if I understand his notes, it looks like I jumper the channels by connecting each channel to a jack on this project box. The incoming jack is wired to the DPDT. The signal is inverted at the DPDT and wired back to 2 output jacks via two-signal wire. Now I have two output jacks on the box - one standard polarity, the other inverted, selectable with a DPDT toggle. Sounds like a useful tool to me. Does this sound right?

Rick Erickson Try it and see. If he's a well know... -- 12/9/2005 2:37 PM