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Questions on Harmony H410

8/2/2005 3:18 PM
Carlo Pipitone
Questions on Harmony H410
Hello fellow Ampagers,  
I have bought a stock '65 Harmony H410 amp.  
It's a sweet crunchy little baby that only needs some minor overhaul (cap job and a few drifted resistors).  
I have two questions:  
1) wouldn't it be wise to put a fuse somewhere? If so, where?  
2) the schematic shows a .1uF and a 1uF caps in the tremolo circuit (which is driven by a 6AU6 tube). In the amp there are two .47 caps in those places (red spots in the schematic, see the link below). Those are two nice, huge, sturdy red caps (don't know their brand). Do you think I should put the original values in both cases? Or may I leave them alone?  
The schematic is here:  

Chuck Those caps in the trem only serve t... -- 8/3/2005 2:06 AM