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Re: Brown Tone stack vs. Black Face stack

6/7/2005 12:56 PM
Ray Ivers
Re: Brown Tone stack vs. Black Face stack
Looking at the print, the 6G7 tone stack appears to be a 'scooper' as well.  
How about changing the bass control to a mid boost, one of my favorite mods for an amp with a tone stack early in the gain structure; the treble control's re-voicing can also help compensate for an overly trebly guitar. Ballpark values would be:  
50pF treble cap  
47K slope resistor  
2.2n (.002uF) bass-control cap  
4.7n mid-control cap  
Stock blackface pot values (250K/250K/10K) are fine, and you can replace the mid pot with a 1K resistor if you find you no longer really need it. NOTE: These are radical changes, and the fabled Fender clean sound will be pretty much gone; push-pull pots switching in the old circuit values can bring it back if desired.  
I've also developed a modified Fender-type stack that gets a high-Q narrowband mid cut for almost an acoustic-guitar type of clean, with +/- 1dB flat response if needed; it adds one each inductor/cap/resistor to the Fender circuit.