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Re: Revelation...and a couple more questions

3/4/2005 5:26 PM
Ray IversRe: Revelation...and a couple more questions
Hey, don't feel bad about the resistor; I've been working on this Marshall here for about ten years on and off - including a bunch of power-supply work - and only now do I find out the choke was shorted? :( I guess Blues Saraceno must be kinda hard on chokes (the owner bought it from his father).  
Replacing the reverb pot with a 250k would be a good move IMO - you could go even higher - and the decreased loading of the new pot value would also allow you to reconfigure the gain stage values for more reverb return gain; a 220k plate resistor with bypassed 2.2k cathode resistor and a 500k pot would give you quite a bit more 'moisture'. :D You could then put the 470k back in; I don't think I would go any lower than maybe 330k for the series R, due to the loading effect on the dry signal you mentioned. The 10M, 220k, 470k, and reverb pot all affect each other when changed - it's kind of a balancing act.  

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