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schematic dilemma

1/12/2005 9:05 PM
schematic dilemma
I'm confused!! I just bought a small Canadian made amp called Regal. I checked it out and it has a power transformer with high voltage, rectifier and filament outs. It has 5 seven pin sockets. It has volume, tone and tremelo knobs. Here's where I get confused. It has 2 sockets at one end of the amp with 6av6 preamp tubes. At the other end it has 3 sockets. In the middle is a 6x4 rectifier and on each side of it are a 6aq5a power tube and another 6av6 tube. Is it normal to have 3 preamp tubes and one power tube on such a simple amp? All the tubes interchange in their sockets, and I'm thinking that maybe the previous owner put a 6av6 where a 6aq5a should go. Does this sound logical? I'm just confused why they would make an amp with such a large power transformer for one little power tube and why they would separate the one preamp tube from the others, if this is really how it was designed. I'm hoping a power tube goes there. Any help???

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