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Re: Supro Reconditioning

10/1/2004 10:10 AM
UriahTRe: Supro Reconditioning
This amp looks to me like the Gretsch 6159, or this is probably called the Supro 1688TN.  
Awesome sounding amp, in all likelihood came with 2 Jensen C12PS speakers (a Jensen C12N with less efficiency, pretty much). Those amps verge on brightness, so some Webers would do wonders in there. I have never seen one of these with 10 or 15" speakers, but Supro circuits are all pretty similar (in the preamp and the 2x6l6 circuits), so if you threw a 15" in there, it'd be pretty much a Thunderbolt.  
Good luck, a very worthwhile project once you're done.