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schematic for 1958 Ampeg Bassamp 835

8/11/2004 11:30 PM
Bob Young
schematic for 1958 Ampeg Bassamp 835
Hi everyone, I recently bought a working (haha!) 1958 Ampeg Bassamp 835, I need a schematic for this thing, it looks kind of like a B-15 except it's a self contained 35 watt open back Ampeg with a 15" speaker. It has a separate pre amp and power amp, like a baby SVT. It has some very strange tubes in it, like a lot of older Ampegs, is actually in very good condition for it's age. An Ampeg Bassamp 830 is shown in the new Ampeg book that came out recently, any info I could get about this amp, especially a place for a schematic would really be appreciated, e-mails are welcome, thanks.

Bob Young The tubes include a 6SL7, (2) 6L6's... -- 8/11/2004 11:48 PM