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Re: Ampeg SB-12 re-cap.. Should I?

3/27/2006 8:10 AM
ALRe: Ampeg SB-12 re-cap.. Should I?
Just to reiterate what was already said - Yes, you should recap and replace the cord. I also have a 7868 model SB-12 that I had sitting around for a few years until I decided to recap. And I'm kicking myself every day for not doing it sooner. That is the finest sounding amp I own (and I own too many). I'm in love with that little guy. It has a wonderful breakup around 7 and it's not excessively lound. Mine has an intermittent problem that I couldn't seem to find so it's in the shop now - which is driving me crazy !!  
There is a schematic is here  
If I remember correctly the "death cap" on mine was a Black Cat (?) and was located on the far side of the board near the input jack. Just yank it (drain it first) and put in a bag for some sucker... I mean "collector".  
There are some odd caps in there that are tough to find (33uf/33uf dual cap) but you can get the parts here  
I've used them a few times and had no problems. Good service. Good luck and let me know how it goes.  
Mine also had some Friday afternoon wiring going on inside so make sure you check *all* the solder connections for cracks and cold joints. Also, the wires inside are kind of flimsy so check those too. I have a Gemini 1 that had a few of the wires crack off due to the smaller size.  
Good luck and let me know how it goes. GREAT AMP !!