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Re: Crate GX-212 on the bench (schematic?)

3/9/2006 1:31 AM
Re: Crate GX-212 on the bench (schematic?)
Those bad parts don't make sense. Unless water got on it or some hardware fell on the board. If IC2 blew up, fine, but the only connection it has to R39 is through the GAIN2 pot. Better check it.  
You got the values right. But the 10k R47 is in series with a film cap. how would it burn up? It iss just a rolloff network after the P6 level pot.  
If Q6 is bad, better check Q22, and any other JFET on line B - see drawings.  
Abd R43 is also in series with a cap on the way to GAIN1 pot.  
J175 (2SJ175) should be in stock cheap at Mouser.  
Forum etiquette suggests that if you ask for schematics you might put up an email address so we can send you one.  
Otherwise the $5-10 Crate might want to cover the expense if they won't email it for nothing is worth it.

Erik Miller >Those bad parts don't make sense.<... -- 3/9/2006 3:44 AM