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Marshall DSL50 output transformer replacement

9/18/2005 5:22 PM
Marshall DSL50 output transformer replacement
I just bought a DSL50 head and the output transformer needs to be replaced. It had a drake in it. The easiest and quickest option I have is the original marshall transformer from antique electronic supply for the jcm900. This would fit right in because it is the laydown style with the spade type terminals on it. I am local to them and can just pick it up. I know I can order one from mercury magnetics that is the axiom line and that voodoo has one available but I am not sure the price on these. I don't know if I am going to keep the head or sell it yet, it will probably be this or my yamaha T50, construction wise the yamaha is much better built but the marshall has the deep and mid cut and different gain switches for the channels and the yamaha has the annoying reverb issue they have. Anyway, I am looking for some input as to what transformer other people have used. Sorry about the length.  

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