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Behringer PMX2000 Blowing Fuses

9/11/2005 6:05 PM
Jack Collins
Behringer PMX2000 Blowing Fuses
I've got a Behringer PMX2000 on my bench.  
Complaint - blows fuses.  
I disassembled it to get at the power transistors to test for shorts. One bank of 4 seemed OK. The other one had a couple of trannies that measured as shorted. I did all testing with the transistors in the circuit.  
What would you do next? I'm thinking, pull the suspect components and power up with the lightbulb current limiter to see if excess current is still being drawn.  
I was thinking of replacing the whole bank of 4 transistors if that is the problem.  
Anything else I should think about replacing in there?  
If it's not the transistors, I'll look for problems in the powersupply next.

Don Symes This bank of 4 - is that all of one... -- 9/11/2005 7:33 PM