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Re: Anyone worked on Vox SS Conqueror ?

7/22/2005 10:42 AM
Ray Ivers
Re: Anyone worked on Vox SS Conqueror ?
I've worked on all three of the amps in this series - the Conqueror (30W), Defiant (50W), and Supreme (100W or 200W, I can't recall). It was a while ago so I'm a bit shaky on the details, but I'll tell you this; I wouldn't trust a single electrolytic capacitor you see, even if it 'measures' OK. Also, as you surely know by now, the wiring is super-brittle and many part designations are almost impossible to read. I found the Conqueror to have a pretty nice sound when cranked up; the transformer-drive SS output stage really had a "tube-y" overdrive character to my ears, and the mid-boost was a nice touch as well.  
The owner of these amps was able to find a phonograph-restoration place that had some NOS ceramic phono cartridges, and probably many radio/TV repair places have them lying around in parts drawers as well; you won't really need an NOS one as the stylus-stone condition isn't important. You may have a reverb drive- or recovery-stage problem, but IME it's more likely that the drive stage burnt out the reverb 'send' pickup. Accutronics makes short 2- and 3-spring reverb assemblies without tanks which fit practically anywhere and sound much superior to the single-spring Vox unit; IIRC we put one in the Defiant head.  
If your schematic reads '05/184' in the bottom-right corner it's probably the same one I have, which has damn-near-unreadable component values too.