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Anyone worked on Vox SS Conqueror ?

7/21/2005 6:52 PM
PeteAnyone worked on Vox SS Conqueror ?
I have a late/mid Sixties Vox conqueror  
I am having some trouble with.  
The schematics on the vox and other sites  
apart from being impossible to read values  
from do not accurately reflect the actual circuit.  
The most noticable I can recall is a 100 ohm  
resistor to ground from the bass pot in the  
schematic whereas with the actual unit the  
resistor is across the pot from the wiper.  
The main problem is the bright or distortion  
channel.Its impossible to get a decent looking  
sine wave through it as compared to the  
normal channel.When using a guitar through it  
the normal channel sounds full bodied and  
surprisingly warm but the distortion channel  
sounds thinish and gutless.  
Have removed all the transistors and individually  
tested them and rearranged them according to gain  
(the originals have no number only a white dot)  
I assume they are BC 109's.  
Have checked the electros with an ESR meter  
(very handy)and replaced ones that are too  
far out.. or dont show any reading at all.  
Being mainly a "valve guy" I was pleasently  
surprised at the sound this amp is capable of.  
I can vaguely remember a local band buying  
a pair of ss vox's in the 60's and having endless  
trouble with blowing up the output section  
due to instabilitys but have read an article  
detailing lack of zobel filter etc.  
Does anyone know of an accurate schematic  
or have any experience with these amps ?  
It does work except for the reverb which  
utilises 2 phonograph crystal pickups either  
end of the reverb spring and one of the  
pu's is not functioning.It looks like something  
cobbled together by the props dept of the BBC  
for the early Dr Who series complete with  
rubber band suspension! Any help appreciated.  

Ray Ivers Pete,I've worked on... -- 7/22/2005 10:42 AM