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Champ 12 Problems

5/23/2004 11:24 AM
Champ 12 Problems
Need a diagnosis... In short, about 6 weeks ago the Champ started cracklin and poppin, I fixed the input jack, re-soldering it to the board, all was well, a week later, I can only play the amp for a short time before it starts making a "thumping" noise. This was very different than the original noise(sorry trying to be as descriptive as I can)  
I was advised to change the tubes, and was fixing to do so, although they are not all that old, any way, the other night I was desperate for a little tube tone (I have 3 amps, only one with tubes) so I plugged into my headphones, the little Champ worked perfectly (!?)  
Is it time for a new speaker? $$ is a bit tight so taking it to a tech would suck... and suggestions on what this might be and how to adress it?