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Re: installing external speaker jack on roland microcube amp

12/2/2005 2:52 PM
Steve Dallman
Re: installing external speaker jack on roland microcube amp
Thanks. Say, what did it take to obtain a service manual from Alesis? I have many old, discontinued Alesis boxes, from the original Midiverb and Midifex up through the Quadreverb.  
One that drives me nuts is the "Micro Enhancer." Since day one the level that it takes to trigger the enhancement is way too high. I've tried to get Alesis to part with even a portion of the schematic that would allow me to lower the threshold at which the process operates. They weren't interested in helping.  
I don't want to "copy" the doggoned thing to sell, I just want to fix it so it is actually useful to me. I've already purchased 10 or more of their products and intend to keep all of them. Why they are so adamant to protect the design of a box long obsolete escapes me.  
The possiblility of a rotary encoder makes sense. E-mail me for the manual if you wish to look at it further. I'm sure the DSP edit is done with a 10k linear pot. Several other functions use the same value pot so it makes sense for this one also.

Ray Ivers Steve,I E-mailed Al... -- 12/2/2005 3:11 PM