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Re: installing external speaker jack on roland microcube amp

12/2/2005 2:27 PM
Ray IversRe: installing external speaker jack on roland microcube amp
FWIW, I recently obtained the Alesis Nanoverb service manual (ATTENTION! DO NOT DISTRIBUTE IN ELECTRONIC FORM! ;)) which has a 10k linear 'EDIT' pot with the top connected to +5V, the bottom grounded, and the wiper connected to pin 61 of the DSP ASIC (labeled 'ADC IN 1'). This pot is labeled 'ADJUST' on the front panel, and controls the depth/intensity of the selected effect, as you can imagine. This unit uses a footswitchable microprocessor defeat for in/out switching, but there's also an unused 'MID' pin on the ADC which may be available for MIDI-controlled ADC (effect) on/off as well (the Nanoverb doesn't have MIDI either).  
The Nanoverb uses a 4-bit rotary encoder for program selection (5-pin pad). The 7-pin pad on your unit may well be a similar situation, but I don't know for sure.  

Steve Dallman Thanks. Say, what did it take to ob... -- 12/2/2005 2:52 PM