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Re: installing external speaker jack on roland microcube amp

12/2/2005 1:55 PM
Steve Dallman
Re: installing external speaker jack on roland microcube amp
Just some other thoughts...this amp is a real little gem. It not only has a decent DSP chip, but the whole shebang is controlled by an internal CPU. There are two interesting points on the schematic that I'm trying to learn about.  
There is a 3 pin pad marked "For DSP edit." This point has the + voltage on one pin, a connection to pin 21 on the CPU (marked MIDI) and the third pin is ground.  
The second is a 7 pin pad marked "For ONBOARD PROGRAM."  
These two things, called CN1 and CN2 are clearly marked on the schematic, but difficult to find on the circuitboard. If the pads follow similar topology the 3 pin pad could be wired to a 10k pot. Who knows what aspect of the DSP would be controlled. The pin wired to the 3 pin pad says MIDI but it doesn't appear to be a midi in. The ground and power supply connection don't fit.  
I have spoken to some computer geeks about the 7 pin pad but so far no one has been able to figure out the purpose.  
I paid $14 for a hard copy of the service manual, but complained that the schematic was unreadable. They reluctantly sent me the manual on pdf. with indication that they don't want the manual posted publically. I will pass on any info I can as long as it is not posted publically. I have a good relationship with Roland/Boss and don't want to lose that.  
This little amp is a real gem. An amp with 7 amp models, modulation AND delay DSP, etc. and all for just slightly more than a Pignose.  
This ain't your daddy's Pignose.

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