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Re: Fast picking response

7/7/2005 6:51 AM
Wild Bill
Re: Fast picking response
---"Your power supply is key in reducing sag. I've read that a big reason the old Bedrock amps had really good low end punch was that they used a 100w power transformer in their 50w amps. Bigger wire = less resistance = less sag. So I can buy that."  
Good points from Chuck. These are all pertinent factors. I should have guessed that if you're needing better pick attack you probably play at loud volumes, so there would indeed be a bit of sag involved with the power supply.  
That being said, I still think we have to prioritize what to do to get the most impact. "Cookie Monster" metal amps are not known for tube rectifiers with lots of sag anyhow. :)  
I wouldn't start with the filters. I'm betting that bigger caps would give you only a subtle improvement whereas higher tube voltages would knock you on your ass by comparison! :)  
---Wild Bill

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