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Re: Fast picking response

7/6/2005 11:38 PM
Re: Fast picking response
It can't hurt. But you'll need to beef it up all the way through. The signal does have to get through the whole amp. I wouldn't get too whacky though. An overfiltered amp can sound pretty bad. Reducing low end distortion can help too. Like smaller bypass caps or coupling caps. Slew rate was one of many causes of LF distortion in early tube audio circuits. So reducing some of the elements most effected by slew rate can only help. With high gain circuits it really takes very little bottom end in the earlier stages to get good bass response at the output.  
What Bill said about preamp voltages is true for two reasons. First because you are increasing headroom. But your also increasing gain in a multi stage preamp. More headroom generally means better response to quick changes in audio. I'll take that at face value and not worry about slew rate. Second, to increase preamp voltage you will need to reduce power supply resistance. The effect on preamp tubes may be minimal but who's to say what works for some.  
Your power supply is key in reducing sag. I've read that a big reason the old Bedrock amps had really good low end punch was that they used a 100w power transformer in their 50w amps. Bigger wire = less resistance = less sag. So I can buy that.  

Wild Bill ---"Your power supply is key in red... -- 7/7/2005 6:51 AM