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Re: Dumb Cap Job Question

5/17/2005 7:09 PM
ChuckRe: Dumb Cap Job Question
You can start by fluxing the holes, heat 'em and suck 'em out. Or try to get the leads to fit as you heat the holes with your iron. Sometimes the leads will fit but the rough hole has crap in it. If the leads almost fit you can try to scrape down the leads with a pair of needle nose pliers. Not the flat jaw type. You need the grooves in the jaw to do the scraping. Grab the lead in between two of the grooves and twist slightly as you drag it from the jaws. If the holes are indeed too small then there is no choice but to open the holes up a little. Use a Dremel and a new drill bit if you can. The higher speed and sharp bit will make a cleaner hole and reduce the chance of grab ond tear on the copper foil. If it's not too much trouble you should start the hole on the clad side of the board. If you can't and you push a trace off the board you will have to remove the board to repair it anyway. Or you'll just have to jerry rig a jumper lead as a repair (probably what I'd do ;)).  

Lonzo ChuckThanks for the... -- 5/19/2005 5:37 PM