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tweaking a weak reverb on a Boogie Mk2b

5/14/2004 9:16 PM
tweaking a weak reverb on a Boogie Mk2b
Someone gave me one of these and after a tube replacement and some minor maintenance both channels sound pretty nice. My only gripe is with the SUPER WEAK sounding reverb. It's on 10 and it can barely be detected. All tubes are good. Rev Xfrmr tests ok and so is the tank + cables. I read up on a few sites that the Mk2b's reverb wasn't exceptional but this is beyond crap. Does anyone here have any mod experience with this amp who could help me get a little more "surf" ? Thanks in advance.  

WJD The problem with the markIIB's reve... -- 5/23/2004 12:18 AM