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Newcomb Pathfinder build

11/1/2004 12:12 AM
Newcomb Pathfinder build
Just got a Newcomb Pathfinder tube PA head. It has 2xEL84, 5y3, a 12ax7, and a 6BR8 (medium mu triode/sharp cutoff pentode). Any suggestions as to what I can turn this into? No schematic available that I see, but it's really simple true ptp.  
One thing I wonder about is the output transformer. It has leads going the speaker outs, 4,8,16 ohms and one labeled 25v. It also has leads going to pins 7 and 9 on the EL84s. What's the pin 9 lead for?  
Should I try to just voice the current amp for guitar or gut it and build something else? Would a Matchless spitfire or lightning work here? Or some kind of Vox? I'm open to suggestions.  
I saw on the homebrew gallery that F.J.R. made a guitar amp out of one. Anyone know how to get ahold of him? His email bounces.  

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