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Hoping for the Spreadsheet

5/1/2006 7:42 AM
Philip Morrison
Hoping for the Spreadsheet
BK or Scott  
I sent an email around to Chris, Bruce, Dai & others in this thread. I told them that if I could lay my hands on this spreadsheet I'd get it to them so you guys wouldn't have to worry with it. That assumes that you don't mind passing it around in the first place. If its not a problem perhaps you could email it to me & I'll get it forwaded. Hopefully I'll be able to return the favor in some manner sometime...  
I know I don't post regularly anymore because of lack of time (darn day job, you know) but I thought this tool would be a timesaver & I'd hate to see it fall through the cracks so to speak.  
Thanks for your consideration  
Philip Morrison

woodyc I think Aiken's math is either wron... -- 5/1/2006 9:42 PM