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Re: AIMS VTG-105

3/3/2006 2:42 PM
Re: AIMS VTG-105
well, in the '90's I worked on one which was probably the same amp except in a 2x12 combo cabinet with wheels.  
So it seemed more like a Twin Reverb, they were nice high-power speakers.  
I imagine yours is like a high powered Super Reverb, maybe you have some special tough vintage 10inch speakers.  
Never did find a drawing, there were a couple techs who had seen AIMS gear but it is not very common.  
Fortunately not more difficult to fix than more common amps, just more unfamiliar layout and assembly.  
I personally think the best way to get a free schematic would be for someone who had acquired a drawing in any way whatsoever to post it, then put up a link so we can all look at it :)  
At least that's what I thought the internet was for ;)  
I was hoping it would have happened by now myself. It's been a number of years, maybe its out there by now. Keep looking and post back.