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Hi-Fi to Guitar amp opinions

3/1/2006 7:06 PM
Hi-Fi to Guitar amp opinions
Hello, my first post here:  
I found a 1957 Motorola console in the garbage with a great mono tube amp inside. The tubes are 1 5Y3GT, 2 6V6GT, 2 12AU7, and 1 6AU6. There is only a turntable, a tuner input, vol-treb-bass, and an ext. speaker out. I plugged into the tuner input and it has very little gain at all at volume 10. After lots of reading my thoughts were: Change the tone stack to that of a Fender or Marshall circuit, change the 12AU7's to 12AX7's along with the plate and cathode resistors (how do I know what value?), and the obvious 3-prong AC cord, add a fuse-holder and switch. I say these things based on what I have read in forums and books. I am really looking for suggestions or corrections to my thoughts from the experts here, any help would be appreciated:-)

Sean Any suggestions?... -- 3/2/2006 4:32 PM
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