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Re: Peavey VavleKing 100 Head

2/24/2006 7:45 AM
Re: Peavey VavleKing 100 Head
"I figure these guys are gonna experiment the SLO to death and then come up with a killer version. That's when I'm gonna build one again,"
Well by the time they do that they may as well just Engineer a new amp. An Slo really does need seperate eq's for each channel because they are so different and if they do change the Topology it won't be an SLO anymore. I did the Warren Haynes mod but it still doesn't sound like Warren's amp and it can't be the player ;).  
[QUOTE]I may try to get one of those JSX amps :) I've heard lotsa good stuff on them and looks like James Brown at PV did a killer job on that amp.  
I wonder if EVH might wind up using the JSX amp possibly???????? [/QUOTE]  
James left Peavey and the new guy did a great job and seems to be working out well but James will be missed over there. You gotta try the JSX SLObrain.  
EVH is done with Peavey and the 5150 is now the 6505 which brings me to this :  
"How did you modded 5150 ever turn out?"
The 5150 has serious noise problems and hiss problems as well. After doing extrodinary mods to kill it I didn't like the way it sounded so I stripped it and use it for repair parts. The tranny is now a test unit for my Mic-Pre because it has all of the necessary windings needed for the various supply voltages. The 5150 is a two trick pony. The first trick is metal or New Rock because the noise is masked in the mix and par for the course. The second trick is using it for a power amp bypassing the noisy preamp and I can tell you the power section is as clean and stout as any I've heard and as powerful as well. Stick a processor in the return and crank it with a stack and it will hurt you if you dare crank it past 5.  
Nice hollering at you Anegrin, now go try that JSX !!!