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Re: Peavey VavleKing 100 Head

2/23/2006 8:46 PM
SLObrainRe: Peavey VavleKing 100 Head
KB wrote, BTW, I did the mods Ray Ivers told me to do in an SLO and it helped a bunch. The 50pf Caps across the plate resistors smoothed it out some but still has some grind. That Topology is just that way and it is what is but I've tweaked it to be really nice and have some plans for it.  
Sounds cool. Over at the Sloclone site I've seen this guy from Italy come up with a new chassis that has the two separate channels for clean and gain and both having eq's on them. I figure these guys are gonna experiment the SLO to death and then come up with a killer version. That's when I'm gonna build one again, or... I may try to get one ofthose JSX amps :) I've heard lotsa good stuff on them and looks like James Brown at PV did a killer job on that amp.  
I wonder if EVH might wind up using the JSX amp possibly????????  
How did you modded 5150 ever turn out?  
Glad to hear you guys are doing ok in BR.  
I've seen lots on NOLA on tv and it looks kinda like the guv doesn't really want to rebuild. I guess the current PIP doesn't want another Katrina aftermath again.  
I did hear from one eveacuee that someone is buying up land like crazy down there, I wonder why?  

KB [QUOTE]I figure these guys are gonn... -- 2/24/2006 7:45 AM