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Re: Peavey VavleKing 100 Head

2/23/2006 7:51 PM
Re: Peavey VavleKing 100 Head
[QUOTE]Hey kerry,  
Hows the distortion on the valve king? Is it anywhere as good as the XXX or the JSX? Is it smooth distortion or gritty?[/QUOTE]  
Not even close but it's not supposed to be. It is more like a British Vox type amp but not as British as the Windsor which will be out in the summer. The distortion is about like the Classic 50 maybe a tad smoother but nothing like the XXX or JSX. The XXX reminds me kinda of a cross between a MESA and a Marshall but the JSX is really smooth and tons of gain. The clean can be good if you spend some time and an eq in the loop goes a long way. You would love the JSX SLObrain or at least try it. BTW I did the mods Ray Ivers told me to do in an SLO and it helped a bunch. The 50pf Caps across the plate resistors smoothed it out some but still has some grind. That Topology is just that way and it is what is but I've tweaked it to be really nice and have some plans for it.  
"BTW, hows it going down there in La? Is things getting more back to normal?"
Baton Rouge has the population of what they projected in 2046 ! So the traffic is pretty hectic which it was before the increase but as for being normal were ok. N.O. on the other hand has a long way to go and some questions to be answered in the future. The scarry thing is Hurricane season is right around the corner and the experts say this trend of storms is just the beginning of a 15 year cycle but this is also the same group that said Katrina was going to go up to the Carolinas so go figure.  

SLObrain KB wrote, BTW, I did the mods Ray I... -- 2/23/2006 8:46 PM