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Re: Peavey VavleKing 100 Head

2/22/2006 8:47 AM
Steve Dallman
Re: Peavey VavleKing 100 Head
Pawn shops are strange places. Much of the time they are asking too much for musical instrument stuff. Occasionally, there will be a real bargain. I found one head on the floor at our local pawnshop with a price of $229 on the cover. Lifting the cover revealed a Dual Rectifier, triple channel Mesa head in perfect condition. They actually came down on the price, so we bought it for $185 plus tax.  
When they give a pawn loan, and the borrower defaults, the pawn shop can only mark up the item a specific percent, which was what happened with this mesa. Occasionally there are great bargains. A Music Man Steve Lukather guitar went for $300. An early 60's Les Paul (SG shape) sold for $125 to a guy who bought a Hofner Beatle bass for the same price a month or so earlier.  
But most of the time their stuff is overpriced.

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Steve A. Steve said: -- 2/22/2006 10:40 PM