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Untangling my responses

2/17/2006 3:58 PM
R.G.Untangling my responses
My apologies. I was off answering another question. I was answering about mismatches.  
Your question - which was perfectly clear - was not about that, but rather tone differences from tap changing, not mismatches. I'll dive into that as soon as I can get my foot out of my mouth...  
... urgh...  
OK, that's better, I hope.  
The transformer *will* sound different because more of the windings are used. In theory and in practice, the more thoroughly the windings can be intermeshed/interleaved, the lower the leakage inductance between windings, which helps tremendously with clear highs and suppression of crossover distortion. Also, the more intermixed, the higher the interwinding capacitance, which directly affects treble response.  
A load setting can be done a couple of different ways. The windings can be simple tapped, for a single secondary. That's bad, leaves a lot of winding unused on less-than-max taps. But there aren't many of those. With interleaving of any kind, the secondaries may be wound as multiple thinner wire full secondaries, each with its full set of taps, that are then paralleled; alternatively, there may be a number of smaller sections that are switched in series/parallel to realize different secondary impedances. This second is preferable, but complicated switching.  
I guess the short answer is - it depends on the details inside the transformer.

lonzo R.G. - Thanks for your responses an... -- 2/21/2006 4:16 AM