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Re: EF86 - Reloaded

2/4/2006 9:06 PM
Re: EF86 - Reloaded
I've used a 6AU6 in a Clubman atyle amp, using a parralleled 12AX7 input driving the Bass and Treble then to the 6AU6; w/ 100k plate load, 330 series resitor to the screen, 1k5 RK w/ 25uf bypass cap. 180v on the plate, 138v on the screen.  
I was worried when I started the project that with only two gain stages the amp wouldn't have enough gain, hahahahah NO problem there!! This thing goes from super sweet and tasty at low volume to more crunch than a 2204 JCM with the vol turned up past 12 o'clock. I am VERY happy with the 6AU6 and am a bit surprised that this tube isn't more widely used. They are cheap and plentiful. Microphonics has not been a problem, though the amp is a head cab with rather large rubber feet.  
I am thinking now about going with a 6AU6 alone w/ Vol/Tone into an LTPI then cathode biased EL84's.