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Re: Best tube amp book , you guys can rate.

2/4/2006 8:32 PM
SLObrainRe: Best tube amp book , you guys can rate.
Steve said,  
No one playing in the 60's could have imagined forums like this.  
Heck even into the 80's I couldn't have imagined a forum or the internet. I had to rely on techs that had their heads up their asses that wouldn't tell you how to fix something, only charge hi amounts to fix the problem. I once got charged $50.00 to have a tech replace a resistor in a old Marshall, took him maybe ten minutes to fix back in 1986.  
There was one tech in Houston that was named Dr. Rick at Rockin Robins that was cool and would tell you how to fix an amp. he was ok.  
I have talked to Ken Fisher many years ago and man, Ken was a real super cool and very nice guy to talk with, very much into telling how to make your amp much better than stock.  
Tim Caswell out of Ca, was another nice tech that would talk amps and was cool about his info.  
I have to agree that Oconners books are some of the best if not the best.  
The Internet is a great place when kept to good info, but it's a bad place for the other smut stuff and such.  
Rock on  

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