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Re: Speaker Re-Cone

2/4/2006 7:48 AM
Re: Speaker Re-Cone
I went through the same thing trying to learn reconing, it seems like a closed society. Not much info available, although I did see an instructional video available. It looks like a fascinating hobby though, the actual individual parts and recone kits don't look too expensive, and there may not be too many tooling needs except for a large demagger if you wanted to get into it to that extent. You can purchase replacement diaphragms all day long for many high and midrange drivers, the alignment is not an issue for those though due to how they are mounted. I'd be a little worried as to how to select the proper coil and cone for a specific speaker, as the weights and construction are supposed to strongly affect the tone of the speaker. Also there may be overhang and vertical alignment issues involved. It would be nice if someone would dispense more information on how to recone, say in a web site or BBS.

Steve Dallman One of the guys that work at the mo... -- 2/4/2006 9:23 AM