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Re: EF86 - Reloaded

2/3/2006 3:07 PM
johnnyRe: EF86 - Reloaded
thats what i have my ef86 in, a marshall 18 watt circuit with some tweaks. i have the ef86 into a simple vol-tone into a LTPI (ac15) into two el84's.  
one channel is ef86, the other is 12ax7.  
the ef86 channel sounds awesome. it is aggressive but thats what i was going for on this amp. it's sounds not too different that the 12ax7 side but is creamier, more touch sensitive, a bit rounder and smoother. i like the word "lilting mids". i did have to dump gain as it hit the PI too much.  
anyway, thanks for the feedback. i was already thinking of my next build to have a pentode up front. maybe i'll do a 6SJ7 into a LTPI into a pair of 6v6's using the 18watt/ac15 hybrid i'm digging. that could make for a real nice clean to mean amp....

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