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Re: EF86 - Reloaded

2/3/2006 12:51 PM
johnnyRe: EF86 - Reloaded
have any of you tried a different pentode in place of the EF86? like a 6SJ7 or 6SH7? the reason i ask is that it's pretty tough to find a ef86 that isn't micrphonic or gets there shortly.  
i am curious of the tone of the others and if they compare with that lilty / creamy quality of the ef86. i love how this tube sounds it's just a little finiky.  
BTW, i'm running mine with the standard AC15 values;  
220k plate, 1M screen, 25u/2k7 cath but dump the gain after the .01 coupling cap with a 100k to ground because it's beating the LTPI to bits without it. B+ = 250, Vp = 75, Vs = 150  
i want to try the screen lower just to see but it sounds pretty good as is, could use some more headroom though.  
great thread!

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