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Re: i didn't mean to be a nonymous (MT)

1/25/2006 8:08 AM
Steve Dallman
Re: i didn't mean to be a nonymous (MT)
I'll grant you that. It is well written and does have a lot of useful info in it. It could be very useful to a lot of people, including me.  
Before I bought it, I read most of the first chapter that was available on the site I bought it from. It sparked my interest and I bought it.  
There are a lot of partial schematics, such as phase inverter sections pulled out of a full schematic, and that was all that was really needed to demonstrate what he was speaking of.  
The one schematic that should have been there was the schematic for his amp project. He may have reasons for not including the schematic. The kit for that amp project may include the schematics. The kit chapter may just be a "teaser" and might cause the reader to seek out the kit. Although, one can build the kit from his instructions even without the schematics.  
The interviews with the various tube amp builders and the maker of Tone Tubby speakers were interesting. Ken Fischer used his interview to blame the economy and the move to use Chinese labor by American companies on George Bush...three times in his interview.  
Companies have been outsourcing for a lot longer than Bush's time in office. The company I worked at for 26 years closed in 1993 along with 5 other plants. The reasons were many, but the main ones were we had to downsize to be able to compete with California cheese. The further a cheese plant is from Eau Claire Wisconsin, the higher the subsididies paid to the farmers and cheese makers. This is an outdated law from a time where Eau Claire WI was the hub of most cheese production. The subsidies were incentives for companies who make cheese and dairy products to spread. That subsidy is no longer needed, but the CA lobby is too strong to overturn this outdated bill.  
Bush had nothing to do with it. Companies have been moving to foreign countries to take advantage of lower wages, and much lower regulatory costs. OSHA regs have gotten so expensive that many companies simply can't afford keeping up with the regs.  
In the beginning, there were cost savings in making plants safer. Lower medical costs, lower insurance costs, and other good reasons for complying with the growing lists of safety regulations.  
But the day came where more and more money was spent with less and less results. Today companies have to spend millions to be in compliance and that money spent is "unproductive" money, meaning that there is no payback for the money spent. OSHA keeps piling on. In fact, in order to be in compliance with all the regs a company has to hire outside people to come into a plant and help them come into compliance with all the regs. These outside companies are started by former OSHA employees. They created the need for their new businesses.  
But I digress...Ken Fisher's Bush bashing did seem a little out of place. Ken Fisher and Mark Sampson spent time blasting tube amp makers who didn't come up with original designs, but just copied existing schematics. Those interviews were followed by an interview with the owner of Victoria Amps, who does just what Fisher and Samson criticized.  
To modify an old joke, "Ask two amp builders a question and you'll get three answers."