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Re: Alex Lifeson/permanant waves

1/19/2006 8:20 PM
Re: Alex Lifeson/permanant waves
Alex's current equipment, No Vintage stuff here.  
1 Furman Power Conditioner PL-80  
2 Behringer Splitter / Mixer Ultralink MX662  
4 Audio Technica UHF Receiver AEW5200  
1 Audio Technica UHF Antenna Distro. AEWDA660D  
1 Behringer Multi-Effects Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P  
1 Custom Audio Japan System Power Supply AC0912  
1 Furman Power Conditioner PL-Plus  
1 Dunlop Cry Baby DCR-1SR  
2 Custom Audio Japan Midi Vol. Controller GCVA-2  
1 T.C. Chorus / Flanger 1210  
1 Behringer Multigate Pro XR4400  
2 Digital Music Corp. Looper/Switcher GCX  
3 Behringer Splitter / Mixer MX602  
4 T.C. Multi Effects Processor G-Force  
1 Excel Electronics 4 Way Guitar Splitter Custom Made  
3 Palmer Speaker Simulator PDI-03  
2 Palmer Speaker Simulator PDI-05  
2 Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere  
2 Hughes & Kettner Amplifier Zentera  
2 Hughes & Kettner Amplifier Triamp  
1 Hughes & Kettner Amplifier Zenamp  
4 PRS Electric Guitars  
3 Gibson Les Paul’s  
1 Fender Telecaster  
1 Gibson S.G.  
1 Gibson 355  
1 Gibson Double Neck 6/12 String  
1 Gibson Acoustic J-150  
1 Taylor Acoustic CE-612  
1 Beat Up Tired Rody

Hugh Jorgan Must be nice to be -- 1/20/2006 7:03 PM