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Re: MOJO 5F1 kit...AAURRGHHH!!

1/11/2006 4:25 AM
Re: MOJO 5F1 kit...AAURRGHHH!!
I agree. The first amp I attempted was a Mission Amps Tweed Deluxe. All the parts were correct, the diagrams were perfect, and the schematics were exactly what was there.  
It took me a few weekend evenings to put it together, and if I hadn't soldered one wire to a wrong hole, next to the correct hole, it would have worked properly right off. In fact, it actually did work, but something seemed a bit off, so I took it to Bruce who caught it right away. That wasn't a flaw in the diagram, it was a flaw in my "diagram perception".  
It was so relatively easy and complete that I didn't have to worry about "the diagram doesn't show the left lug of the volume pot connected to anything...but why doesn't the volume work?"  
In retrospect, it makes perfect sense.  
i'm just glad I'm lucky enough to live only a few miles from Bruce, who is always patient and very helpful when we pop in to bug him. I've been to other tube amp techs in town, and one in particular, wouldn't take the the time to explain anything. His majesty probably doesn't want the "secrets of tube tone" to be understood by lesser mortals because they may soon realize they could attempt things themselves and then he wouldn't be able to charge a mortgage payment to change a couple tubes and re-bias an amp.  
BTW, now Curt wants me to source out parts to try to build a 5F2 Princeton that we can pop into an old blue "Mother of Toilet Seat" amp cab with a kitchen handle that he has lying around. We need to mount it in the bottom. He thinks he can squeeze a 10" speaker in the thing, and have a funky little amp.  
(I can hear the chuckles and groans now:D  
Actually, this is so close to the 5F1, I think we can breeze through it, having learned from this last project.  
That will have to wait until I can figure out how to build a box to get another friend's two ARP Omni synthesizers to respond to MIDI.  
Then my little $15 Supro Bantam is going to get a good going over.  
Anyway, kudos to Bruce and his kits...and his willingness to share knowledge.  

Steve A. Brad:  &n... -- 1/11/2006 10:42 AM
Rick Erickson [QUOTE]That will have to wait until... -- 1/13/2006 4:19 PM