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Re: EF86 - Reloaded

1/6/2006 9:05 AM
Dai H.
Re: EF86 - Reloaded
[QUOTE]I know the trouble of getting non-microphonic EF86s. I had an AC30 I modded to have the old AC30/4 EF86 frontend and while the tone was the dogs bollocks, the EF86s would turn microphonic within a few weeks. I even tried primo NOS EF86s and they did the same. I reckon EF86s are realistically only useable in a head format due to their tendency to turn microphonic.  
... Ian[/QUOTE]  
how about if you use a 12AX7 (or half of one) for the input, then use the EF86 (there was some Selmer schematic like this?--but would you lose the "EF86 magic" though?). Other pentodes besides the EF86 and 6AU6 are the 5879 (9 pin mini--used in some gibsons), or how about the 6SJ7 (octal--if you got the space). E80F (and not EF80) is supposedly a EF86 sub. EF40 is a Rimlock base version of the EF86 (probably has the same problems w/microphony but perhaps you can find a big batch cheaper than EF86s)--but then you have to find a couple of the weird sockets even if you find the tubes.

MBSetzer I've got a couple of EF40's, but ne... -- 1/6/2006 11:00 AM