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Re: Schematic/suggestions for a Silvertone 1422 aka 40XL

1/3/2006 6:53 PM
GlennWRe: Schematic/suggestions for a Silvertone 1422 aka 40XL
Hi Kenny, and thanks for looking.  
I just realized that I made a terrible mistake - it's a "Sears" amp, not a Silvertone. I knew that, but it slipped my mind when I posted before.  
Other than Harmony Central and ebay there isn't much to be found about these things.  
This is a tube version...6x4, (2)7189, (3)12AX7.  
There's also a later solid state version, which I've seen in black instead of green.  
It's a 1x12 combo with the 4 ohm Fisher speaker that some of the 60's Silvertone 1x12 combos have.  
It looks a lot like  
except it's a combo. Two channels with tone and volume, and reverb and tremolo for Ch 2.