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Guyatone alnico speakers

12/31/2005 4:17 AM
Chris/CMW amps
Guyatone alnico speakers
Hi all  
I guess my last question in 2005... :)  
A customer did blow one of the pretty good sounding 12" alnico speakers in his Guyatone JazzVerb (ProReverb clone).  
The night after picking up the amp over here (cap-job, new tubes) he did gig with it but did destroy one of the speakers. He did replace it with an old/cheapo Celestion G12L40 but is looking for a warmer sound. The best celestion option for this is the regular H30 but I was wondering what speakers Guyatone did use. Didn't take any pics and the amp ain't here no more...  
Many tia!