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Re: Ampeg Reverberocket replacement parts?

12/28/2005 8:23 PM
Man o'BluesRe: Ampeg Reverberocket replacement parts?
I thought the OT might be bad since everything else checked out (B+ @385V, new caps, cathode resistor etc.), so I had sent it in to Mercury Magnetics for a checkup and rewind if needed, but they gave it a clean bill of health. While the OT was out, I subbed in a good Deluxe Reverb OT and there was no difference in output, or sound for that matter.  
If Woody measured 21W clean, it should be as loud as a DR. If Jimbo says it's not quite as loud as a DR, then it's really not putting out 18-20W. Are we talking about the same amp (R12RB)? I've played some Reverberocket II's that were louder than mine fo' sure....

woodyc Yes its 21W and yes a stock R12RB h... -- 12/30/2005 10:00 AM