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Re: Running EL-34'a at lower voltages?

12/28/2005 2:44 PM
Dai H.
Re: Running EL-34'a at lower voltages?
Maybe you'd like a lower voltage PT. Some Marshall 50Ws have low B+, around 395V to as low as around 350V (some have reported). I have an '80 2204 which has the lower B+ (about 395V), and it seems to be smaller but sweeter sounding than the later ones w/higher B+ (430-450V depending on wall voltage, biasing). I think Marstran had a 350V 50W PT (on sale for a couple more days 'til the end of the month IIRC). Otherwise Mercury Magnetics (good quality, higher priced), or a Hammond or something if it doesn't need to be the standard dimensions/mounting, etc. I recall reading some article w/one of the Scorpions guys (Mattias Jabs?), and from what he was describing, it sounded like he liked these lower B+ 50Ws rather than the 100Ws.