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Re: Patent trolls

12/27/2005 6:22 PM
Rick Erickson
Re: Patent trolls
Of particular interest to me from Randall Aiken's site is the patent to a small amp company for the use of a pan pedal to select between a clean and a distortion channel. Seems like a pretty obvious thing to me, even if no major company is currently doing it. I worked on one of these amps for a young hot guitarist who was opening for BB King last Summer. The amp was not pretty inside. The buss wire between all the turrets was galvanized steel gardening wire, as found in Wal-Mart - virtually impossible to get a good solder flow to this stuff. I replaced all the buss wires in the power supply and a few others that looked bad and suggested that the guitarist return the amp to the factory and ask them to build it correctly. I also repaired an oscillation problem in the preamp and soldered several bad connections. I must admit, it wasn't a bad sounding amp once I got it working. This custom 100W amp head retails for $4300.00 and had run of the mill components throughout. Of course the artist got his for free. He only uses the clean channel and it stays hidden behind his other amps. The amp company makes a big deal out of the fact that he plays this amp though, in hopes I would guess, of enticing other people to buy one. Last time I saw him he said it was still working great and had never lasted this long without blowing up. Jeez - I only fixed it three months ago. That could explain some of the bad soldering I found inside if it was repaired on the road every few weeks...  

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