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Ampeg Reverberocket replacement parts?

12/27/2005 12:12 AM
kluson guyAmpeg Reverberocket replacement parts?
Anyone been down this road before?  
I have a 60's Reverberocket R-12-RB(3 6SL7's, 6SN7 & 2 7591's)that the OT looks pretty dry and sounds low power, say 8-10 watts tops. Is the Fliptops replacement OT a good choice, the only choice?  
The 'verb is weak as well. Compared to other RR's I have heard or owned this verb is not the full rich experience I expect. The previous owner said that the tank had been swapped from a Gemini (# 6606 or possibly 9099 on tank). I measured the input & output impedance on the tank (input 2.8 ohms, output 173 ohms) this seems low to me, maybe someone can confirm.  
Other than that, I have swapped tubes in and out, including some of my decent 7591 stash with no appreciable improvement. Over all the amp doesn't sound bad, just underpowered and weak 'verb.  
I hope to get the amp up to full potential. Any recommendations/suggestions about the OT or verb tank appreciated. Cheers!

Nico Verduin / I would measure the voltages first ... -- 12/27/2005 1:26 AM