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Re: Framus and Bogner Ubershal schem?

12/22/2005 4:59 AM
PeteRHRe: Framus and Bogner Ubershal schem?
In a moment of madness I threw out years of guitar player mags.....but ripped out pages I thought were of some interest/use. Some of the things were Davids Vintage amp reviews:  
April 87 Fender tweed 4x10 bassman  
Nov 86 BF Fender Vibroverb  
Sep 87 60's Vox AC-100  
Aug 85 Magnatone Model 190  
Mar 86 Acoustic 360/361  
Oct 87 Acoustic 164  
Nov 85 Vox Buckingham  
Apr 86 Ampeg SVT  
Feb 85 Lawrence L-100m  
Sep 86 Ampeg Gemini II  
Mar 87 Magnatone MP-3  
Feb 86 Leslie 900  
Jul 86 Pignose and Uni-Vibe  
June 88 Orange 80  
Jan 85 Gibson Tube amps  
Now if they aren't worth more than a Bogner Fish, Framus, Ubershal and Hot rubber Monkey schematics I'll be damned!!!!  
Thanks David. I really enjoyed reading those but partially blame you for the vintage amp GAS I acquired.  

Dai H. for reason I remember one review ab... -- 12/22/2005 7:13 AM